Thursday, October 18, 2018


The words were prepared in my head, practised over and over in a multitude of variations, until I had the courage and took a chance to entrust you with my darkness, believing you would listen with understanding, but you exploded with anger, gritting teeth and accusation, turning everything I said around to yourself, took my words and fired shot after shot in my direction… I become silent, cannot look you in the eyes, every word a physical blow, I murmur an apology not mine to make and escape your proximity, shutting out your voice, your presence… you told me I could tell you anything and I believed you, how could I have been so wrong.


  1. This just hurts. How I wish that you didn’t have to write it.

  2. Obviously that person was too focused on self to listen.

  3. I understand, friend Shadow … Much love, cat.