Tuesday, June 11, 2019

My Shadow

It’s been so long, I have trouble seeing the intent that drove me,
cannot quite distinguish between impulsion and authenticity anymore,
has routine marred the shine and allure that once burned so brightly,
has it blinded me to the attractions and fairgrounds I passed along the way,
detracted me from obscured pathways accessible to me
and closed the door to like-minded beings?
Has this habit been ingrained by a living need towards a mutual purpose,
or is it driven by the shadows that ravage my soul night after night,
deepening its possession, deepening its domination,
accelerating the disintegration of a self-destructive being…


  1. We all get stuck in a rut like that sometimes.

  2. Friend Shadow, if you can see your shadow, that means you are there. Much love, cat.