Friday, October 25, 2019


A single moment is all it takes to change the world,
a single deed, a single word, can change who you are,
one moment you’re in command, the very next second…

……in a different place, in a different world,
I’m looking at a different you,
every step I’ve taken to get here is different,
everything we’ve done is different,
I clearly did not know what was going on,
you are different, you are not who I knew you to be,
parts of you were hidden from me,
and I am different,
I have been building a puzzle with missing pieces,
I have no idea where I am now,
the route has gotten terribly convoluted and overgrown with shadows,
I’m in the company of strangers, least of all myself,
and I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, or next week, or next year,
every certainty has changed, been removed or reshaped,
my entire world has collapsed and it is terrifying, as I watch
the world as I know it, shatter……….


  1. The puzzle of my life is missing pieces as well, friend Shadow … nevertheless I am the owner of my life. So I make it a limited edition original piece of art :) Love, cat.

  2. I never seem to complete the puzzle as the one who holds the last piece stays hidden.

  3. Charlee: "This sounds like kind of a scary situation."
    Chaplin: "Like one of Dada's time travel alternate dimension type movies that he likes to watch!"