Thursday, October 17, 2019

Misty Moments

This day is slowly coming to an end,
mist rises from the south over the ocean,
and as this grey wall moves ever closer,
I draw closer to be with you.

In the falling silence we sit, side by side,
breathing in the moist, salty air,
feel the peace and tranquillity it brings,
just as I feel when I am with you.

The sky, the sea, the valley a swirling cloud,
a shroud around the world, as we are wrapped in our love,
trawling across the mind and body of the other,
seeking the mystery that is within only you.


  1. I feel this overwhelmingly. I am there and it is perfectly lovely.

  2. Always your words, your gift for language and emotion, shine.

  3. Charlee: "This is how I feel when I'm making kitty muffins in Dada's lap!"

  4. It sounds like you found a place to belong.