Friday, September 3, 2021

Not my Friday night


 There’s a rhythm pulsing in my soul

I just can’t quite find the beat

it's alluring, I get lost in it some times

awaken as if from a dream

and it leaves light behind

light and a yearning for… for…

for this nightmare to end

for this battle to start

because this hovering in limbo

is threatening my sanity

tolerance has worn dangerously thin

there is no easy way out of this

no short-cut, no avoiding it

it’s the moments you hear young beautiful people

talking about having ‘done their duty’ and done the double

that sadness overwhelms so intensely tears flow

and it feels like hope is being sucked right out of my lungs

and I am suffocating from this helplessness,

this crippling powerlessness, to divert the end

that is sure to follow……



  1. a new age is dawning
    forgiveness is kindly touching the ache of encouragement.

  2. Our world today!! It HAS become a nightmare.

    Do you have high numbers of Vivid cases?

    Be safe & enjoy your weekend (Mexican food)

  3. I know exactly what you mean. And not sure there is an end in sight.

  4. life is strange sometimes. one minute camping in paradise then next minute all caught up in family drama. sometimes it hurts

  5. Life’s twist and turns. I have been on the brink many times and somehow find my way back to some resemblance of calm

  6. Glad you are writing again. The mind is the only prison we have it likes things to be the same because it is lazy. It keeps us in stuck patterns that are unhealthy and are not true. We can decide every day to choose freedom mentally and look for joy in the ordinary. Wishing our lives away seems like a crime to me. Death has stuck close to home with people younger than me and I feel I have to live life with intention since they can't.

  7. When things look forsaken remember I love you.