Thursday, August 26, 2021



Memories simmer just beneath her face,

seemingly close but they leave before they lace,

eluding her when she gives chase,

the more she grasps the looser their embrace,

consciousness kills all the light and the spark

fades into blackness so deep and oh, so dark,

it’s ending,

live in the light, in the dream that you share,

hopelessly wild, where you’re free, free without care,

it’s ending,

when is the time and where is the place,

there where we’ll stand, when we fully can embrace,

new in this rhythm and new is the sheet,

new are the places and people you'll meet

leave out the yesterdays, leave out the past,

now is all there is to have, all that ever will last.



  1. the now and poems like this! we have in our hearts.
    Thank you!

  2. For me it seems a new journey for the soul, who will soon be reborn.

  3. Time is "now" we must embrace the moment for who knows what tomorrow will bring and the past is just that the past.