Friday, December 10, 2021

Dream magic




My dream is to be, to be all I can be,
to be comfortable in my own skin,
to know I belong
with the people around me,
the places I inhabit,
to the creatures whose path crosses mine.

I am a woman, I am whole,
I am a soul here to heal
and to heal those around me
with my presence,
I have knowledge of plants,
blooming and not, edible and not,
designed to heal, and not.

I use this knowledge given to me
to better every thing and living being around me,
for this to spread to all outer reaches of this plane,
bringing light, joy and peace to the restless,
bringing freedom, release and tomorrow to the divine souls
already sharing the sunshine with me,
and cooperation, understanding, respect,
growth, natural change and love will flood the earth,
touching every shadow, bringing it to light,
touching every sorrow, healing in its wake,
touching every broken heart, picking up the beat again
and able to emit the same love they have felt.

And thus the new world has begun.



  1. That is exactly what we are here to do - heal and make everything we touch better.

  2. Your beautiful poetry touches souls and makes the world better!

  3. This is my prayer too. It says it all so beautifully. Happy New Year

  4. The new world has ever been inside waiting for the right level of knowledge and understanding---good on ya Shadow!

  5. There is healing to pass a long, your gift generously points are hearts to that. Thanks you V.

  6. “to heal those around me
    with my presence“
    “flood the earth,
    touching every shadow, bringing it to light”
    “And thus the new world has begun”


  7. That is why i choose the frequency of love it is my mantra. We can be light in the journey…..