Wednesday, January 28, 2009


you entered my life so full of dreams
promised to fill me up to extremes
i listened, i followed, i chose to trust you
believed your stories, the visions you drew
i stuck with you when light turned dark
believed when you said, over there is a spark
blindly followed the trail you laid out
believed i could reach it, not an ion of doubt
and even when others misgivings were uttered
i stood by you, drawing closed open shutters
to be alone with you my friend
'cause you’re all i had, i had to defend
to protect my wishes, for they had become
overwhelmingly dire, they left me numb

‘til there came a time you left me alone
deserted, stranded, on paths overgrown
with needs immense and dreams blown apart
without a compass a path to chart
through fears and pain and long, long tears
i shrugged you off and wiped off the smears
you left in my life, maybe tainted not broken
and slowly rebuilt that which had fallen
along the wayside and in disrepair
i lost some hope but didn’t despair
to find some warmth, some light, the sun
towards common sense and also reason
you were a temporary foul distraction
but i left you behind on this path i have chosen


  1. "Not an ion of doubt"...very well expressed...I also liked when you say
    "in disrepair I lost some hope but did not despair.."
    The words are falling hard but making a nice rhythm not a high and loud one!

  2. Chick, this is my favourite ... I love the acknowledgement of what was and the strength of what will be... beautiful

  3. A metaphor for sobriety... and other things. Very inspiring. A little tormented perhaps, but inspiring.

  4. Wow Shadow. I love that poem, so full of longing, loving, learning.

    I love the emphasis on the bold lower case i. Strong but timid.

  5. Wow!!! This writing today could be an object, a friend or lover, a feeling...just a whole school of's GREAT!!!

  6. You write that:
    paths overgrown
    with needs immense and dreams blown

    Once the relationship gets momentum, the grass of dreams and mutual desires starts growing. Should we not be careful?

    Naval Langa

  7. Shadow - this makes me weep - but in a totally OK way. You are gifted.

  8. Shadow, I pity anything you abandon and leave behind. because you add so much to all. And I always read you at least three times, afraid I left some on the table. ~Rick

  9. there is a depth of sweetness here, i love the expression of it.
    to let go - is the kindred spirit of embrace - it is a lovely movement Shadow
    thanks again for your wonderful nuturing and sharing

  10. This poem is sad. I don't like leaving or being left. It evokes a lot of things for me.

  11. Wow,for me you just wrote about the last 3 months of my life with the end of my marriage. I dig your style with words thank you for this one.

  12. just gorgeous - makes you stop and re-read...lovely!

  13. this made me weep too, it's so painfully beautiful, so resonant with the now too - i can't write like this - i admire those who can and you do it so well...

  14. reminds me of the farewell to drugs and alcohol i wrote in rehab.
    very well said!

  15. seriously...WOW. I really enjoyed this...I keep reading speaks to my past and possibly my future...I so feel the loyalty in this relationship and the disappointed heart...if I am reading it the way it was meant to be continue to amaze me.

  16. I loved this one and it reminded me of a friendship that went this path.Keep writing lovely one.

  17. I can't say it enough dear one, you echo my emotions on so many levels...the heartbreak to finding your own way in this world. Thank you for the spirit you give these words. (Hugs)Indigo

  18. To be so empowered to choose your own path and to be firm, well that is a gift to self.

  19. you are a strong beautiful woman. Awesome writing shadow, thanks for sharing. it started off sad but it ended so strong very, very nicely done

  20. I can feel the determination and plain old good sense. I liked the poem ... well done.
    June in Oz

  21. Shadow. Amazing, I was sadden as you took me through the journey of your loss of fulfillment and trust, then only to emerge victorious to the discoveries of your own strength...

    Bravo,, my friend...

  22. Stopping by to say hello. Beautiful as always!

  23. I really liked this one alot Shadow! Thanks for sharing it.

  24. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this one, Shadow!! I think everyone has had this situation, but the hindsight is so well put, that it puts me back into that place...
    I may have to quote you on this one, girl! :)


  25. incredible ...wonderful words and emotions...resilience and strength, thank you, Katie

  26. This is a great poem, the emotions, the ebb and flow are so on.

    I've enjoyed my visit and hope to visit again soon.