Wednesday, January 7, 2009

good night

a hazy half moon
skies darkening soon
smudges of grey abound
the whisper of leaves
blowing in breeze
a settling down all around

shadow are creeping
from corners, deepening
colour a memory away
occasional cooing
of pigeons roosting
the end of another day…


  1. How very soothing and peaceful. You. Are. So. Good.

  2. warmth comes forth !
    very relaxing, have a cup of chamomile tea with this one.
    thank you Shadow

  3. Sometimes I don't want the end of a day to come.

    Other times, I am overjoyed to finally be at the end of a day.

    Thanks for the post Shadow.

  4. Nighty night dear girl...

  5. What a pretty picture, it makes me look forward to the days end.

  6. I started to relax, then the pigeons came out. Always pigeons.

  7. I sure like yours better, Shadow.

    But, you brought me some memories with your beautiful words.

    This is one of the first songs I played on my violin c1940. My mother on piano, and my sister on the 'cello:

    "When day is done and shadows fall,
    I dream of you.
    When day is done, I think of all the joys we knew
    That yearning returning to hold you in my arms,
    Won't go, love, I know, love,
    Without you night has lost its charms!

    When day is done and grass is wet with twilight's dew,
    My lonely heart is sinking with the sun.
    Although I miss your tender kiss the whole day through,
    I miss you most of all when day is done."

    Written by: Robert Katscher/George Gard DeSylva

  8. really nice -- wrapped up in a big sweater & blanket on a porch ...

    oh btw, i see faces in the clouds

  9. I love the precision and clarity of your chosen language. Words like, "smudges" and "creeping" add layers of depth and complexity to your simple reflection.

  10. nice one. Words that have the feeling of cool breeze.. love them.

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    con·tin·u·um. Thanks for following and all your great comments! :)

  11. A nice fall/winter image of the end of the day..

  12. I really enjoyed this. You really captured the end of a day. Beautiful.

  13. So now at bedtime I am going to read your blog, it is just so amazing and this is so peaceful and filled with love.

  14. Loved the photo. The poem fits it very well.