Monday, June 8, 2009

the suitcase III

As dawn sneaked through the curtains
her eyes scanned a strange room.
Strange, yet somehow comforting.
Maybe it was the scent
of the goose down duvet
from her childhood on the bed
that held her snug through the night.
She lay with closed eyes
as her body stretched awake,
when her sleepy and still mind
was assailed by doubts and misgivings.
Of what she left behind,
her home of many years,
of the man with whom she’d shared
late-night giggles and secrets.
Just in time she too remembered
that those nights and whispered words
were a memory and times
from a long, long time ago…
She opened up her eyes,
and a ray of sunlight caught
a locket beside her bed, with the inscription
‘Always follow your dream’.
With that she bounced out of bed
into the day
of discovering new roads,
through new surroundings,
exchanging a few words
with people who were still strangers.
‘Til the late afternoon sun
found her gazing at a place
tucked into a leafy garden corner
alongside an ancient sandstone building.
A little bell tinkled
as she opened up the door,
and with a smile she greeted
a man hunched over a desk,
‘I believe you’re in need of assistance?’
And this became the start,
a new beginning opened up,
in a new place with new faces.
No more old routine,
no more cell phone and call sheets.
No more being in same place
at the same time every day.
No more time spent cooking dinner,
favourite meals that weren’t her own.
No more heeding others moods,
no more two people alone…


  1. Some days, the thought of just leaving it all behind and starting anew is very appealing. I would not do it, but it has a ring of adventure and romance to it.

  2. Fantastic detailing here Shadow! Keep writing!!!

  3. I've been on those kinds of trips many times in my life. Ahhhhhhhh, to leave it all behind me, and then I wake up and realize just what I do have that no other has, and I love what I have more. Not to leave it behind.

    Your words are very potent! And meaningful.

  4. I love the trip in the way back machine, and the melancholy feel of this piece, and the seeing of growth and change. Beautiful.

  5. i loved your story...detailed, slightly romantic and strong...

  6. you described the overwelming desire to start over so beautifully

  7. Love the story, going back to a Victorian age. Have you been reading a lot of Jane Austin lately:-D

  8. The road is long and never ending.
    We choose to stop or go until we find the scent of home and stay.
    Home is where the heart is not where the mind is,

    Great post as always

  9. You know my spin on this - I have days where life anew seems so tempting...

  10. I did it! It takes courage and it gives pain. Is it worth it? Maybe, maybe not. I'm still wondering. I like your journeyings through the mind...
    Blessings, Star

  11. Oh, the people, places and things she has yet to discover -- how exciting!

    Love, love, love ♥

  12. The memory of feelings, past. Thank you, for bringing them to the fore.

  13. Shads- sometimes dna needs to be seperated to find our beginning and end-and future. So well written it drew me in and I almost closed my eyes in silent vision. ~rick

  14. Oh, I know this feeling of joy in discovering that "life does go on...anything is possible...eyes opened to follow one's dreams." So beautiful.
    And I know all too well your very poignent last line, "no more two people alone..."
    No more lonely feeling in the world than that.
    Beautiful poetry, Shadow! I LOVE this one!
    Thank You!

  15. this is so sweet, what more could i say that hasn't already been said, good job once again.

  16. If you're trying to get my wanderlust going, it's working ...

  17. **sighs**
    i wanna storybook ending!

    gonna have to see what i can't do to open that door with the bell---

  18. Beautiful:)Love the pics that u use for ur posts. A beautiful pic complementing a beautiful post:)

  19. Are mid-life crises contagious? Just wondering.

    So fricken enjoying this series, Shadow. Next! Next! Says the impatient child.

  20. sounds brave.
    thank god for those little tidbits of inspiration, inscriptions on necklaces, magnets on fridges, quips on bookmarks...they do actually work!

  21. What I find most appealing here is that you have not until this time stated with any clarity what motivated the moving on for this subject.

    I am happy for her now, knowing that she was escaping a prison in her mind and not one imposed by abuse or threat.

    Her freedom has become an important avenue for them who are trapped by circumstances of the ordinary.

  22. I think all of us have a day in our lives when we could chuck it all and go off to be ourselves and only ourselves till someone else out being themselves takes us over yet again...lovely story...congrats on Post of the Day!

  23. Sometimes freedom is just a blink away....

  24. This is an absolute wow!!!! You are an amazing poet!!! I am in awe!!! Congrats on POTD! ~Janine XO

    P.S. I LOVE your passion...350Z

  25. Very inspirational! Congrats on the Post of the Day Award from authorblog!

  26. uh oh, I think I just got an itch to escape... great stuff and so worthy of David's POTD, congrats!

  27. Congratulations on Post of the Day from David at authorblog. I am enjoying this series so much. I know the feeling of two people alone.

  28. I wonder who else is/was remembering, as you say 'she too'?