Tuesday, September 8, 2009

is your life a dream?

Do you sometimes feel
that your life is just a dream?
A very real daydream,
like the one you used to have
as a kid lying under a tree
in the backyard of your parents house?

When you dreamt about your life,
married to a handsome stranger,
sharing naked kisses in the darkness
under the rays of the full moon.
In a house that is your own,
where there is no need to heed
the clock that’s silent on the wall.

And in this dream you go to work,
confident, exuding trust,
and with self-assurance move
around your scope of influence,
while your quiet energy transfers
to the people that you touch.

And you wander in a store
without timetable or goal,
and the basket starts to fill
with just wants, so whimsical.
And you stand at the cashier,
on your lips there plays a smile,
as your mind’s already home,
a soft nuzzling at your neck
prompted by delightful scent.

Then it’s time to go to school
to collect your ‘little one’,
and you see the young eyes watching,
a touch of envy in their eyes,
as they see the grown-up, free,
in the red car without roof.
And their eyes become unfocused,
as you fade from what they see,
and it’s you who now becomes
a little part of their daydream

Every day could be like this
without boredom, without dread,
if you look at it through eyes
of your dreams realized instead.


  1. Beautiful! I do think of the idea...how decisions lead you to one kind of life or another. How many of my close friends have chosen to remain single...not have children...how others have spent years caring for loved ones...and sometimes the losses...and how some haven't had the chance to study because of 'duties'...a lot really...which country in which to live? The more you decide, the more you realize that your life direction is somewhat in your own hands. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, my reflective friend. <3

  2. I think a lot of people thing their life is a dream, as many are in so much pain. Shadow, thank you for sharing. Blessings dear one.

  3. yes life is either a dream, when everything goes smoothly, or a nightmare. That's the price of being alive...
    Yet, We are both lucky for being concious of that...

  4. Hmm, so why hasn't Marilyn called by now? ;-)

    This is a really neat poem, with an unusual and interesting perspective. I love the red car and how it all becomes part of their dream, too. Very cool, Shadow.

  5. Speaking of dreams, I had some strange dreams last night about someone who died last january.

  6. such wonderful read for me to start my weekend of with pleasant feelings, smiles, day dreams. Day dreams I and most have had, still have, and have lived this dream, and day dreamed.
    They say we are all here on this earth on borrowed time, well during that time I love dreaming
    Dreams can come true.. believe!~~
    wonderful Shadow.. Ty so much

  7. I really like this one. It makes me wonder why i've manifested the life I have. jeNN

  8. a big round of applause for you my dear Shadow!
    that's a very beautiful story , way back when I was a kid I used to day dream, about who I wanna be with me in my lifetime and what I'm gonna be someday...
    and now that I'm a little bit older and I realizes that some that I dreamt of' really came true
    I have my own beautiful family of mine, living the life that I wanna be, having what I want too and being love by my handsome partner and cute little boy there is only one dream left that i think is really Impossible for me to get, and that is... to be a sexy Model... hahahaha
    unportunately I'm not sexy and I did'nt become a model insted I become a PT and Nurse. (wink)


  9. wisdom flows beautifully when put in the right fingers.

    well done!


  10. ya know, all the sages and spiritual masters and such point to life being a dream.. when i look back at things in the past, it sure does seem like a dream. the sort of dreams i have now - especially when i think of the future - are quite different at this age.. i sometimes with for the dreams i had at 17 or even 25.. :) have a great day dear one :)

  11. Oh I do like that glorious poem. Wish I could write like that in such wispy and ethereal imagery.

    Thank you so much for stopping by Casa Hice and posting a comment. I am honored!

  12. aahhhh Shadow!!!
    i am going to forbiden you to write this way !!!!
    it was very touching and incredible wel writen .
    thanks honey .
    my life is unreal , not a dream , not even a nightmare any more . it was the both . but always unreal , i can't explain .
    this poem you wrote is really lovely , i liked the second part a lot .
    see you !!

  13. I've never pictured a nuzzling on the neck at home...while I'm shopping. But I'm gonna NOW!!

    This one is just so sweet today Shadow. I loved every word. It's a happy note! You did good.

    I'm glad to be back reading your thoughts...I've missed 'em.

  14. Yes and yes...oh and absolutely yes! Loved it!

  15. amazing. funny we should both dream on the same day...lol. the last line "Every day could be like thiswithout boredom, without dread,
    if you look at it through eyes
    of your dreams realized instead." love it. still dreaming.

  16. I just love this, Shadow. Oh, yes, that dream and so many others...

    Love that you threw in the red car with the top down...;)


  17. Very nice, we all have our dreams don't we/ Take care, have a wonderful day.

  18. I love the idea of a dreamy haze of a day; am amazed at how often those words hold true to me as often I wake the following day, wondering, was that a dream? What happened? What day is it today? What do I need to do? Maybe, just maybe I sleep too deep :) wonderful concept in this write.

  19. Everyday we get a chance to live our childhood dreams...just depends on what glasses we choose to put on for the day. I think today I'm gonna wear the rose-colored ones! May we all touch someone today...as you have touched me.

  20. This is so perfect! What a gorgeous thought and gorgeous piece of writing.

  21. Shadow, this is absolutely beautiful and so true. Looking through eyes of gratitude, how different the world looks.
    So Beautiful!

    Thank you! I love this...LOVE this!

  22. No, dear Shadow, my life is more like a nightmare in which I must protect my family from nasty horrible Aliens that want to devour it. Have you seen Alien II? That's one of my favourites. I sleep with my eye half-opened and I go to work walking. No car, no bike, no skates. No money to pay for the supermarket. No house of my own. Only Aliens, Aliens. I loved your poem, though. I would love my life to be like that. Big kiss. Love you.

  23. I loved the poem, it is great, I used to live my life like that when I was in callege dreaming about guys, lookng and almost touching them, otherwise I guess I would have been bored to death.

    Be well my shadowly friend

  24. Not only do I think my life is a dream. But sometimes I think it's someone else's dream.

  25. Beautifully written! And yes, I absolutely think this life is a dream. A miraculous, waking dream that we all share a starring role in creating as we go.

  26. beauty!

    australian aborigines are of the opinion our waking hours are dreams and dreams the true reality...

  27. It would have been nice to have been in a place to have fanciful dreams when I was a kid. My life is so much better now. Maybe not the wonder in this poem, but still, pretty great.

  28. What an amazing photograph and it goes perfectly with the poem! The poem was great for me to read, perfect for today!

  29. I take from this piece the thought that it's possible to have these things where dreams linger, but it's up to us to make it happen in reality.

    Loved this.

  30. Yes, pretty much always! And it's funny how we become part of someone else too.Very true, you.

  31. You have crafted a very fine piece here Shadow. I particularly LOVE the way you made time loop around on itself. Fantastic walk today.

  32. Life is a dream if you choose to sense it that way. The lessons you choose to learn relate less to a given set of circumstances than to your level of self-awareness. Every moment is meaningful, enriching and life-transforming. Love your way with words.

  33. I like to have dreams. And have hope. It is what keeps life interesting and fuels the imagination.