Saturday, December 26, 2009

the echoes of the wind

my heart is drenched in tears and sorrow
it’s so dark, so dark this morrow
limbs worn out and run aground
my voice now hoarse, a strangled sound
and i approach the misty waves
over rocks, past haunted caves
as i hear echoes in the wind
chanting tales of that i’ve sinned

i now surrender all to you
i bow my head, i bid adieu
as i draw near the dark abyss
i blow to you a final kiss
when from the distance comes the call
calling me, a creature small
and so i sink in waters deep
my soul to rest, eternal sleep


  1. Aww Shadow...You can never give in or up. I wish to respectfully refuse your farewell and the resignation tendered is not accepted, even though it is beautifully written and the tragic heart openly revealed.

  2. Calling you Now!
    before you leave
    In my world you're a Saint
    I do believe
    share with me your definition of sin
    mistakes aren't bad when heart is in
    my beautiful loving caring friend
    my rock of strength lovely shadow

  3. This is great Shadow!!!
    But please don't go, nor sink into those shadowie waters

  4. Sounds like a good turning point to me. Stop. Turn. Go the other way. Never look back. Well-written.

  5. Oh dear.... so well written of the pain.

  6. Come back, come back, don't leave us now! This is sorrow, alive and departing, it moves the reader.

    Well done, as always!


  7. Appreciated kinda of work....i am found of your beautiful of now.


  8. Magnificent words, but so gloomy and resigned indeed. I hope the new year brings a breath of fresh air to us all. My love to you.

  9. Stop it with the Darkness already!
    Beautiful as your words always are!
    Happy Holiday....Galen

  10. it’s so dark, so dark this morrow
    limbs worn out and run aground

    My fave lines. SO simple, yet so splendid.

  11. That's the way I feel after shoveling snow and fall into bed for a nap. That is one of the things I like about your writing, it fits all occasions on all levels.

  12. Thank you sweet Shadow for your 'constant commenting' on my blog. I treasure you and your words.....both in comment form and especially your poems.

    Love and prayers,

  13. Good morning, dearie. I'm trusting you wrote the poem to accompany the powerful photo, and you didn't write it to describe your own state of mind. I do that from time to time, write of the remembered sadness. This was good writing. Hoping it's not your real farewell.

  14. this would be something i would write write if i could write. this is how i feel now

  15. I feel like nothing is going to work out why bother

  16. I have felt like this many days of recent.

    Wishing a promising 2010.

  17. the shadows tempt us with their embrace, of release from the pain of living, yet in succombing to its cold embrace, we find it a lot less forgiving...

  18. I am never totally I only know the emotion from your evocative writing!

  19. I like the broad scope of your writing, evocative of the darkness as well as the joy and passion.
    Your muse keeps you looking at life.

  20. There will be days like this ... when the call of the abyss seems almost irresistable. Sometimes we have to cling to the idea of hope because actual hope has fled (at least temporarily). But hang in there Shadow because life turns and hope returns. It does. I know you know this even if today you do not feel it. I send you energy and bright blessings. And understanding. xx Jos

  21. I love to express the darkness that glances blows inside my skull. It gives pause for thought and relief. More darkness. More.

  22. Shadow- This one dances from line to line and leads hauntingly into prayer. About that pic...I'd follow her anywhere, even jump if necessary. Delightful post. ~rick

  23. This is sad. Nicely written. I sincerely hope this is fictional.

  24. The picture and the words are one and the same, a chilling ending.
    What could this young woman have done, have sinned against to surrender to this kind of ending? Curious.
    This is heavy and scary.

  25. Hello dear friend Shadow. I hope that you are not truly feeling this way, now.

    As a poem, I like this very much, as always you have evoked a clear and strong set of emotions. Just remember, if this is not just a poem, that everything changes and that you are loved by so many of us here in blogland. Plus, you have dogs! Who loves you more than pups? ;-)

  26. Your words give me shivers... Beautiful!!

  27. Ah yes, may sleep eternal--with my "permission", all the way until the morning sun shows itself.

    You cannot go away, any more than the mountain...and the SEA.

  28. So, is there a book of poetry coming out soon? Is there some sort of compilation of these beautiful stories of yours that are always set to such exquisite verbal music? If not, there should be!

  29. Shadow, this cuts to the core, it is very sad, reminds me of Romeo and Juliet.

  30. Shadow, this poem is amazing!
    The sorrow and resignation is
    so clear yet you've weaved your
    words into something both beautiful
    and heartbreaking.
    And as usual your gentle rhyme
    causes your words to enter into
    my hidden soul.

  31. Me no likey the darkness here my friend.I am hoping it is purely an artistic message-not that of your own.Even in it's darkness,it is powerful.Keep writing.

  32. haunting...

    and the picture... I could see myself racing to stop you...

    only dreams could tell if i caught you in time

  33. Wonderful imagery and great poem. Sad though. No farewells of that kind I hope.