Thursday, December 3, 2009

elusive silence

it is clear as melting snow from untouched glaciers up north, it’s my daily sustenance, helps me take each day, go forth. it’s a diet that i read, that i take in every day, i can feel the power it brings, gently guides and leads the way.

yet this dawn has brought confusion, as the desert winds that chafe, wear away without me seeing, leave a weathered wretched waif. who can not force to submission, this irrational mindset, this absurd rebelliousness, suited to a child upset.

and i creep into a corner, thick with dust and shrivelled flies, with a large sign that says ‘go!’, while the meaning sure belies, a responsible intention to depart from this here place, take the truths that i have learnt, try to slow this hectic pace.

it’s the noise inside my head, it’s too loud for me to hear, words of sense you to me utter, they distort and at me leer. i need solitude to find, silence that’s eluding me, let the stead’ly ticking clock, take me to still scenery.


  1. Funny how thoughts align....
    I was pondering this haiku about silence - so I'll share here...

    "Ants on tippy toes"
    "Wind moving clouds, moon's orbit"
    "Earth's spin, all silent"

    pondering the bigger than me picture sometimes means silence for me...

  2. I loved this. Sometimes I feel like taking off and flying to the mainland, renting a car and drift along two lane highways until the hectic pace in my head slows.

  3. It's hard to find the quiet places in our hectic lives.

  4. Quiet, oh my mind. Quiet you, oh my heart. Quiet, my that I can " still. And know that He is God--not me!"

    Thank you V.

  5. We don't always want to really "hear" the words of wisdom we read, sometimes we reject them and run from them. That is what I think of when I read this particular post. Maybe the next time I do read the same thing I get so much more out of it. Maybe my mind is more bendable the next time.

  6. My mind often gets to cluttered with chatter and what I long for is quiet.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  7. i believe we might be having the same experience, but the moon is now waning...this might help.

    much love

  8. it is amazing the pace at which we push ourselves, its no wonder our brains never quiet long enough for us to appreciate life....beautifully said shadow...

  9. And today, you so wickedly mimic my feelings...I am in need of some time, some solitude.

    still scenery...take me there!

  10. I enjoyed both the thoughts behind this and the realisation of them.

  11. I feel we all go there on occasion, the little rebel child just doesn't want to hear, to seek the silence and reflect is the best we can do somedays. If I seek and find a place of quiet from outside noises/distractions, then it is easier to mediate and quiet the internal noises, a place to focus on the breathing and go inward.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Sometimes we just have to take life by both hands and hold on...or stand still...loved this

  13. I wish i could just wip up a poem when ever I needed to. You have lot's of talent.

  14. Excellent! Yes, finding that place where we are not deafened by the silence is key.

  15. Hmmm did somebody say melting snow?

    Up here in my world it does not get any stiller..
    more quite or serene…

    No noise… only us

  16. Such a beautiful way to describe the longing of solitude!!!

    I wonder... why didn't you put the lines in stanzas... anyway they rhyme! It's a poem... There must be a reason.(?)

    [PS. Now that I see Larry's haiku at my left as I write I must say, it's great! LOL!]

  17. I love those moments of silence when I can escape the noise in my life... yes, how precious they are!!!

  18. We all need that moment of meditation to gather all those pesky thoughts and through them away...lovly recap of that here.

  19. It is that deafining white noise I crave at times. Where the noise of silence is awesome. If that makes sense. Blessings...

  20. The quiet of my mind is a good thing. I like it when all is quiet and nothing is edgy.

  21. I love the creep into a corner , thick with dust and shrivelled flies.. Scary I'd hate to be there but confess has been when my head is going to many miles per hour. Solitude we need , I need to get me back to my own self-awareness

    GREAT POEM dearest Shad.. HUGS

  22. Sometimes just thinking about silence can bring a sense of anticipation of peace and serenity.


  23. Your prose is as marvellous as your poetry! I love it!

  24. This is very telling, very profound, a search for inner truth.

  25. Oh Shadow..I see your soul..and you are beautiful!!

  26. Very very beautiful. Ive always admired your creative writing x

  27. Chatter seems to be the bane of 21st century existence. Chatter in our heads, on the television, in the neighborhood, on cell phones...It is difficult sometimes to find a refuge from it all, to be still and touch the serenity of a life well lived. But it can be done. You'll find a way.

  28. I can't say it any better than enchantedoak did.

    So well expressed, Shadow, as usual. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy coming here to your blog?

  29. Does not he who inquire, acquires? Verily it is in the puddle of dirt, one finds the trove. Amazing writ.

  30. whatever you say...what ever you choose....what ever you seek....whatever you do....I stand high on a knoll.....I raise my hands to high.....I lift voice to extoll....I reach for you with fingers of my soul......

    always my sweet shadow..where I can come to find shade.....

  31. shhhhshhhh

    please tred lightly softly and quietly

    i am trying to find a shadow and give her a message

    if we are not absolutely silent I will not be able to hear

    her komming, she glides not walks, graceful angel steps of foot

    make no sound, she needs to know cause of her, he

    does not frown

    to the angel and anyone she knows to be good hearted

    never in Oregon with a vehicle will become parted

    subject to the time frame of my life

    free tow, free mechanic


  32. overwhelmed
    completely and utterly overwhelmed

    we all need to retreat sometimes. we need a cabin, shadow, a universal cabin that we can go to when the need arises.


  33. i stay in my own head a lot... beats whatever's out there, most days...