Friday, December 10, 2010

Escaping the madness

Distress builds a cloud in these once carefree eyes,
overwhelming the need to erect a disguise,
remove from the consciousness these blatant lies
and withdraw to the edge of the world.

Where the silky soft silence surrounds like a cloak,
shrouding your presence behind opaque smoke,
the phony carousing releases the yoke
of deception that smothers your soul.

And you breathe icy air yet unspoiled by the grime
of the souls that are lost, where the moon doesn't shine,
where the power that rules is a maze in forged time,
where alone, you uncurl from this haze.

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  1. Your dark night is so very clear.


  2. looking for my place at the edge of the i can sit and dangle my feet as i think...

  3. I truly liked this solid advice Shadow. Though I prefer to fight them from the middle. Keep speaking.

  4. amazing! imagery is vivid and clearly communicated. loved your choice in rhythm!

    thank you

  5. Deception jumps out and knocks me on my butt. My radar is pretty much always on active duty sniffing out deception. Your writing sure does get to me. I like your tossing in "where the moon doesn't shine".

  6. let the haze be blown off, blown away and the reality be unfolded, in plain sight, in light. The doubt that eats the mind, and the haze that blurs the sight, let them be gone... we did not travel this far to walk at the mercy of anyone else but us.

    Nice poem.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. You know for years now, yes years I've been reading your blog and poems and am always amazed by your ability to write these so eloquent and loving and very very powerful.
    As always...thank you!

  8. I have been trying to uncurl from the haze for awhile now. Not so easy.

  9. oh, wow! love this piece! feels as if you've been meandering around in my own frame of mind lately! ;)

  10. Hey
    And welcome back
    This poem says to much to me so as to ...
    So I Just say: love it!

  11. Can sense the darkness and the rawness here...

  12. I like what Brian Miller wrote in his comment..

    But as a long time follower of your poetry,I can't help but notice a dark trend.As a writer,do you find the self expression outlet of poetry helpful in shedding the " disguise "
    we sometimes have to wear when we are altering emotions/depression etcand having to be responsible adults in the real world ? I ask because your poetry always seems to make me feel I have permission to feel those things you share too.

    Thank you for sharing as always my friend..xo

  13. hey tab! yes, this IS my outlet. and now's the time i feel a certain kind of darkness with the upcoming holiday season, with all the frivolity, parties, and fun, fun, fun at all costs, and in reality, it's not quite like that, is it, plus of course the real meaning that is lost in the world nowadays, makes me want to shut myself up somewhere, alone, in peace...

  14. Most impressive. Of course, as I always seem to post, your work IS impressive. You never disappoint, and you never cease to amaze me even after these years of reading your work.

    Shadow? You rock Blog World!!!

  15. Your reply to Tabitha's comment was interesting. The holiday season seems to cause a lot of people to want to hide out somewhere until January 2nd.
    I often feel that way myself.


  16. you never cease to amaze me...your words always draw me in.

  17. I think that the water is my place to withdraw. It is silky and soft most of the time, except on these winter days.

  18. my heart hangs heavy reading this...powerful indeed!

  19. Dear Shadow:
    This the first time i am visiting your blog. I stoped to read carefully, slowly, each prhase, each between-line reading. The result is the firm conviction that you has impacted my brain. Your poetry is awsome, deep, and has the energy that moves the world.
    Debrah Riddleton

  20. shads
    the edge of the world, I think, would be my favourite place, if only it I could reach.
    nicely done

  21. Very cool post. I needed that today.

  22. I am loving the whole feel to her and yet this.... 'And you breathe icy air yet unspoiled by the grime of the souls that are lost, where the moon doesn't shine' This grabs my heart and squeezes it somewhat.I am still left thinking about where the Moon doesn't shine and I am thinking, this is a cold place to be.

  23. Brian, you have a beautiful gift of wording and "writing." Thank you for sharing that gift.

  24. Merry Christmas, Shadow

    My best wishes to you.

    Greetings from Greece.

  25. it was just a perfect picture of my emotions i would not be able to give words to!!

  26. amazing how quickly I get entranced by your words

  27. Very nice shadow. God Bless!