Thursday, August 4, 2011

The reason

A frown appears on her serene face and her green eyes darken
as the faint cool breeze touches the back of her neck
and picks up tendrils of her hair to paint streaks of worry
on her smooth complexion.
Foreboding stiffens her posture,
becomes rigid and erect,
as the blue skies turn grey, then black,
washing away every smile and all color,
and the wind starts to howl around the cobblestone streets,
lifting dust and leaves and skirts in the air,
creating hunched down figures, rushing
to escape the cold, to escape the north wind,
to escape from the winds of change.

And this winter raged long, blasting through roaring fires,
stealing the steam off mugs of hot chocolate,
as she watched the once lively streets become empty deserted alleys
where windows mirrored the long leaden faces of house-bound children,
exhausted by games of scrabble and scolds to cease the running in the hallways,
their eyes reflecting the cold silver grey of the trees,
willing them to change, to change back to green,
to come back to life and emerge from this everlasting winter.

Despair sunk through her soul, driving away her peaceful smile,
banishing the spark of hope that once danced in her eyes,
and with leaden feet she climbed the stairs
to her room, to the cupboard, to her richly embroidered valise
and resigned, she starts to fill it,
with her colorful scarves, peasant skirts and broken dreams,
before settling in her chair to wait for the dawn
which will lead her through the winding road
to another place, another time, and another dream...

Yet the daybreak brought her footsteps, brought a knock to her front door,
which when opened brought a fragrant touch of the warm south wind
that melted away the darkness, the despair, the hopeless grim surrender,
and a rush of heat flooded through her, bringing back her cheery grin
and dancing eyes, reigniting the flame of passion and desire,
which she embraced with abandon, accepted without question,
for before her was the reason, was the answer to her prayers...


  1. Oh this is so wonderful. Visiting you after a such a long time. Amazing as always!

  2. smiles. i am glad that by the end she was able to find the fire once more to live...

  3. The photo looks like it was taken in a doll house, doesn't it?

    Moving from a frown to despair, she decides to move on. Many of us have done that and then moved on again. Meeting my hubby was the answer to my prayer, so I can understand the relief and joy you describe in your lovely post today.

    By the way, you need to delete the link to my blog on your sidebar as I no longer own You need to use the link

  4. Wonderful. I love this piece. As if I needed reminding - but it's Winter where you are. It's easy to forget. Stay warm and toasty, my lovely friend.

  5. this is so so gud.....i always love reading ur posts nd dis one came after a very longgg wait...

  6. phenomenal beautiful poetry with an uplifting happy end

  7. A fragrant touch of the warm south wind....{{{sigh}}} a feeling of relief from a harsh, cold winter.

    Love this photo you've chosen to go with your wonderful prose, too.

  8. O how I adore this......stunning and no words I say can express the beauty of your words.

  9. nice post .. love your post so beautiful and interesting to read .. thanks for sharing

  10. No not ready for the change yet! i am just getting to liking my 95 degree days!They too keep the kids inside which makes it so summertime peaceful outside.

    Been missing you kiddo!

  11. Ah, to escape the winds of change. The dream of eternal yesterday. It's not to be, tis better to answer today's knock on the door. It might be one door away from heaven.

  12. I didn't want it to end. It seems so far away here in the middle of the unending heat.

    Beautiful as always.

  13. SHADOW!!!!! Oh! Good to 'see' you again. And I'm glad you realized that winter is not forever--and decided to stay in your city, in your home.

    Why do I live in Florida? because I like so much...never want to leave, except for a scooter trip now and then!

  14. Awesome, always. Your writing continually inspires and hits home.

    Got the pub date today for ghost key - aug 2012.

  15. Wow Shadow that is great. It describes just how you feel at the end of the cold weather when the sun and the earth come alive again.

  16. Let me tell you the welcome picture of your blog is just so EPIC XD I loved it and your poetry is amazing :)

    I am your new follower. Hope you follow back :)

  17. I see you don't write often but your prose is a breath of fresh air and every one leaves one wanting more. You have a talent. I'm glad I found your site.

  18. Wonderful stuff.I've not read your work for ages, what have I missed? Our non existant summer is about to end here - took off tom Egypt last week just to get some sun! Winter can't be any worse!