Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Anchor

Is it the chaos in our head,
spinning like a vortex,
that keeps us doing that which we do,
repeating, duplicating, returning again and again
to the bleeding brook that runs
through the nightscapes of our mind?
... forever recreating
wounds best left forgotten,
revisiting the pain of our growing years,
fed by the need to comfort ourselves
with that which is familiar,
barring the way to the uncomfortable unknown,
to a page in a book still waiting to be written -
too fearful to be free,
too timid to try,
too afraid to lift the anchor that weighs...


  1. Isn't that human nature to stay with things or persons who are harmful and not good for us just because we are now comfortable with it and making change would be work and how do we know what the change would bring. Sheesh.
    Your words are truth and you are such a talented writer.

  2. It's true, of course. Most of us could say as much, though not nearly as well.

  3. I have found that the chaos in our head is silenced once we forgive ourselves our own faults and then drop the baggage others have placed upon us...it is then at that moment one never need return to a portion of the past no one needs.

  4. how long can we recreate those wounds before the feeling gives way to the scar tissue...you can be free when you are ready...

  5. I feel like you wrote this just for me ; -)

    Much of the time I have been away from the blog has been spent working on breaking old habits of mind.

  6. they say that bad memories turn to good over the years. I don't know who they is but thats what they say.
    it is a very good poem.

  7. So well said. Shutting off the firestorms of the past and allowing the moment to shine is a Herculean effort.

  8. Hello, Shadow. Love this piece - about a failing we ALL have - you know - that "Why didn't I learn better the FIRST time" thing. Love it. Love you.

  9. to the bleeding brook that runs
    through the nightscapes of our mind?

    brought me back for another read!

  10. So true, Shadow. I was too fearful to be free. Now I can lift that anchor just fine. Good to read you!

  11. Fear is our enemy, and it's a part of our live. Thank you Shadow. It's beautiful

  12. Hoist up the anchor from the mud, and your ship will sail free as the wind, once you leave those chains behind! Ask any sailor! LOL!

  13. Shadow Dancing...
    You always seem so focused.
    It's hard to believe that you have any chaos.
    What a treasure you are!!

  14. Totally understand. Fear of change, fear of unknown, comfort in the old even if it is sick and unproductive.

    Hugs from Nebraska

  15. A wonderful poem and it conveys so much wisdom.

  16. Today, I spied a giant ship iron anchor. I knew it was a clue.
    I had no idea it lead me back to you.
    ..Bravo!... Anchor!

  17. they do, so much they do weigh,those anchors. but hey must learn how to get rid of them and all that stuff that makes our lives unbearable

    Deep write and great as always S.

  18. I remain speechless as I read this poem... it states my heart as it is feeling right now...

  19. This is a tremendous poem. Change is the joker in the pack. and in life.

  20. ... I sometimes feel safe when tied to the dock... and sometimes so imprisoned... I really like your texts...Thanks for sharing them

  21. I know what you are talking about sweetie.I can't say we all... to this cos' I only know about myself doing this.Hugs.

  22. I have been going back and forth on these very thoughts lately!

    How wonderfully these emotions are described in your poem- This is a captured gem.

    Technobabe said it well.

    I say, It's interesting how in poetry such truths seem just a little easier to express, than in other forms. I've been stuck in the long story world for a while, and this is a refreshing change to return to my poetry world of seemingly greater substance.

    And as David King mentions, "It's true, of course. Most of us could say as much, though not nearly as well."

    Really, reading through all your comments here, each is so meaningful!

    Thank you. I hope to visit more often!