Thursday, January 24, 2013


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I wish I could merge with the shadows of the trees,
to observe undetected the day progress
‘til the heavens lay a glittering quilt of dreams
‘cross the undying infinite sky.
And I dream of traveling on the scent of blooms,
dipping and dancing through faraway meadows
while tickling the wings of butterflies
before coming to rest on the polished-glass surface of a blue cold lake.
Slowly I'd sink through the shimmering layers,
as visions of beauty imbue a parade
on my fragile and thirsty soul…


  1. i wish i could too. what a beautiful picture you've painted. xo

  2. wow...really great closing line...there is release there and a familiarity for us...i love butterflies so it makes a great vehicle for me...i hope it come true for you...

  3. The butterflies landing on the lake was a nice image.

  4. ...a fragile and thirsty soul....and...til the heavens lay a glittering quilt of dreams

    My goodness Shadow, your words paint a picture for us all. And I love you for it; your talents, your thoughts, your every dream. You continue to astound me.

  5. damn. if gloom can be pretty, thats how one does it. and the strings that formed. phew!

  6. Very nice.
    I can see it all in my mind and live it existentially through your words

  7. Some poems make you live within them. It's a differentiated talent.
    Always a delight to read such amazing works!

  8. Why wish? Why not simply be what you describe as your desire. I know you can do it, float effortlessly through the depths of you as you see your changing you's.

  9. This was a very relaxing, quiet peace to read. Wistful and yearning at once, I really enjoyed it. Thanks shadow!

    Iliad Keys

  10. It sounds delicious to swim in that lake.