Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Internet

picture credit: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Addiction-in-the-dark-152335590

It’s so easy to go to that screen and disappear into the void
of spoon fed images and preconceived ideas,
that invade your mind and align your thinking
with the global perspective of people you don’t even know.

As you leaf through these ‘pages’ your thoughts are held hostage
by a visual assault under the guise of ‘knowledge’,
as the written word is true, indisputable black on white,
and the enquiring mind gets stunted into believing without fact.

And it’s these words and images that fill your imagination,
that occupy your mind, leaving room for little else.
Your talent is consumed as precious time is whittled away,
and you turn into an island, out of touch with that which is real.


  1. Wow, that's a grim depiction. Is it really that all-consuming and fake?

  2. scary...and there is def some truth there....its easy to get sucked in and forget real life....and the faux connections we make to replace actual relationships....and there we are empowered as well to be who we want to be not necessarily who we are.

  3. It is strange how we can be reading on the internet and taking in visuals and yet remaining objective and taking what we want from all that is presented.

  4. Is it possible that some of us portray but a shadow of our real selves? Oooops, I wrote "Shadow"!
    All I know is the people (and their families!) I have met, from Charleston W VA, Charlottesville VA, Richmond VA, , Lunchburg VA, Atlanta GA, Charleston SC, St Augustine FL, San Antonio TX, Denver CO--and other towns/cities--are SO MUCh as I had "pictured". And all true blue, as humans could ever be.

    And Shadow, I know if you and I ever had met, it would validate what I've written--that friends who "know" and like us are only a keyboard away..

    Of COURSE that ain't everyone, but with half-a-brain, one can pick out those who see a stranger every time they look into a mirror.
    Verena, WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!--grin!

  5. Shadow have you ever noticed how some people seem to be able to make a pst at any time of day or night? When do they work? Eat? Sleep? have sex? I learned that a time suck isa time suck and we have invented the greatest one of all. I will be on for a few hours (3) in the wee morning but after that even though Isolate easily and often I have to be doing something else. Yes kiddo you got the internet defined: The place where lies become truth and truth lies and the place where research is accomplished but you still have to decide what you believe.

  6. Sometimes the real world isn't all that fantastic. Prejudged by who we are and what we look like.. thus some run to a virtual world to find solace and support.

  7. Wow! Powerful! Feel smacked around a little.