Monday, March 2, 2015

who i was

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i not only miss the people and the places,
but i also miss who i was,
at that time...


  1. ouch, yeah...
    at different times we were different people
    and sometimes we change out of circumstance...
    and others out of necessity...

  2. Oh, I very much so understand this feeling.

    I don't know who you were back then, but I do know that I really like who you are right now. <3


  3. That's the difficulty - we are so many different people throughout our lives.

  4. Some of us are old to say the very same thing, about a time and place in our life.
    Live regretless.

  5. We all do sometimes.
    But if you miss who you were, that gal must be wonderful, because you are very nice right now . . . :)

  6. We are constantly changing at some points in life
    our memories capture those moments as we
    move in new directions..sad poem of reflection..

  7. But aren't those people we were still enfolded into who we are?

  8. The person who you was may also envy who you are now :)

  9. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i kind of miss the dog i wuz befor the parakeet drove me arownd the bend!!! but i do not miss the dog i wuz befor that sinse that dog wuz lost owt in a canyon sumware!!! ok bye

  10. your poetry is just so awesome! I loved this and other works as well :)

  11. We are all so many people, in transit, and ever changing - at times for the better, at times for the worse. All we seem to be is a collection of memories and experiences.

  12. Here is one blog I have missed visiting over the last few years. Your posting lovely work, as you have for as long as I've been a blogger. Although I've been MIA for a long time. Hope you are doing well Shadow :)