Friday, March 27, 2015

My fancy wants me......

picture source: sit at a curb at midnight, in my high heels and smoke a cigarette,
lie naked at the edge of a quiet, deserted lake in the sunshine,
climb aboard a train in Europe without knowing its destination. chase the sunset in my sports car with the top down,
splash through puddles after a summer storm,
ride a mountain shoreline on a motorbike,
and spend a few days on a yacht that is anchored at sea.

I want to watch the stars at 2am and sleep until I wake,
have a room in an attic, to write in on rainy days,
dance barefoot to Led Zeppelin on Persian carpets,
and play my drums until I sweat.

I’d like to have croissants and coffee on a terrace balcony in Paris,
buy an airline ticket online and leave without a note,
and most all I’d like to lie on a beach, forever in your arms.


  1. What do you want if you don't want money ... (apologies to Adam Faith) ...

    Well, you answered THAT question and no mistake.

    A delightful treasure chest of 'wants' - LOVELY

  2. croissants and coffee on a terrace balcony in Paris sounds good to me!
    i also like the idea of splashing through puddles after a summer storm
    smiles ...

  3. This reads like a poet's bucket list! Make it all so, Shadow! Beautiful...

  4. This is beautiful, I dreamt of myself in each of these places!

  5. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay my fancy yoozhually wants me to shred stuffies or furnitcher yore fancies sownd sumwot more peeseful!!! ok bye