Saturday, March 28, 2015

I Fall

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The sword has dropped,
the cut is deep.

I bleed from ancient scars
and from deep regrets,
I feel, but cannot feel.

I am tired,
so very, very tired,
I disperse with a breath
into darkness’ dreams.


  1. It's dark, evokes tiredness and past moments. I like.

  2. Sleep, and feel better in the morning, girl.

  3. Dark and foreboding, as usual. Not hearing anything back from you about Broken Branches has been rather disappointing to me. For I would greatly value your feedback. I should back in the normal swing of things this coming Wednesday.

  4. The odd thing about being as fatigued as you are is it passes, turns into a sense of "this" is normal for me. I am tired all the time Shadow, tired physically and emotionally but *meh* it is what it is I guess until i decide to do something, be something different.

    Good wishes to you, ride the storms but never let them ride you.