Saturday, March 28, 2015

I Fall

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The sword has dropped,
the cut is deep.

I bleed from ancient scars
and from deep regrets,
I feel, but cannot feel.

I am tired,
so very, very tired,
I disperse with a breath
into darkness’ dreams.


  1. It's dark, evokes tiredness and past moments. I like.

  2. ohh that is so piquant. I love it!

  3. Sleep, and feel better in the morning, girl.

  4. Dark and foreboding, as usual. Not hearing anything back from you about Broken Branches has been rather disappointing to me. For I would greatly value your feedback. I should back in the normal swing of things this coming Wednesday.

  5. The odd thing about being as fatigued as you are is it passes, turns into a sense of "this" is normal for me. I am tired all the time Shadow, tired physically and emotionally but *meh* it is what it is I guess until i decide to do something, be something different.

    Good wishes to you, ride the storms but never let them ride you.