Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's the Mind that Feels

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What I see, I feel,
what I hear induces anguish,
and what I perceive twists into daggers,
particularly qualified in inflicting pain
more exact than any lash to my flesh.
And I’d rather cry from broken bones,
fevers wild with insanity,
than feel lacerations that feed my mind,
even when all I want is to sleep.


  1. I would rather feel than not,
    being numb again, would not be much of an existence.

  2. There are times I wish I didn't feel... today is one of those days... it's emotionaly exhausting..
    Amazing poem ...

  3. Ya know shadow, i feel everything without any restriction. Every emotion generated throughout the day I am naked to it, bring it on--if nothing else it kills some time. On the other hand when i sleep i sleep the sleep of the righteous knowing that every reaction to every action in my day was justified.

  4. Oh yeah, this is certainly another spiritually-uplifting piece. (LOL?)

  5. Sometimes it's good to just sleep, but sometimes its important to stay alert and grab the bull(y) by the horns ... Love, cat.

  6. Mental pain is so much more taxing than physical pain. Both are horrible but I've always managed the physical pain much better than I have the mental. It's so easy to fall apart when your mind is broken than when your leg is.