Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lost as a Drop of Rain in the Ocean

picture source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/375909900124722601/

Lost as a drop of rain in the ocean,
scattered as the stars on a lonely night......

When the moon steals the shadows in the forest which is my realm,
the path that leads me to your door is obscured by green waves that swell.
But I follow enigmatic dreams engrained in the fibre of my being,
re-enacted before my unseeing eyes while my pulse beats a rhythm that screams.
Then daybreak steals the significance of this spell-bound image that I see,
and with it too my mem’ries, as I kiss them goodbye ere they flee.

And I’m scattered as the stars on a lonely night,
lost as a drop of rain in the ocean......


  1. Enchanting as always! I love how you always describe these mental-spiritual kind of journeys...they're the best kind! :)

  2. ... but the drop is there, and the stars are there ... see? ... Love, cat.

  3. I really enjoyed reading that, lovely.

  4. The past has been showing up in my own dreams if I could only make poetry out of it the way you do.

  5. You do have a very enchanting way with words. Lovely lovely.

  6. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada is reeding buk rite now abowt sum misteeryus forest in japan i wunder if its the wun yoo ar deskribing!!! ok bye

  7. Green waves that swell... these are countryside hills you are describing, right?

    Tender memories are engrained in our being. we can't break free from what used to be. I find I create fantasies in my head which arise from memories.