Tuesday, October 20, 2015

20th St. Cafe

picture source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/375909900122342322/

Free choice is in a far-away place, in a town without a name,
where, clouded in obscurity and the shadows of the mountain,
you can rinse your vision with each breath of the mist
that drifts through the valley to greet your soul,
you're electrified by its invisible touch.
 Then wash your wounds with the salted waters that rolls,
it's ancient words washing you closer to the edge of freedom,
so cease your struggle, don’t burn your spirit with tethers intended to tie you to the ground,
‘cause that’s just not the way to go for those who're meant to fly.


  1. I really like this line: "you can rinse your vision with each breath of the mist"

  2. His wings grew tired for many reasons and a seat at the cafe in a far away place with no name appeals to him still. He misses much but there is little he has missed when he was alight in the salty mist. You have been reading my mind again my dear, dear friend..

  3. Everything I read you, I feel as if I am gaining a tiny piece of me I lost forever!

  4. I'm was meant 2 fly, but my wings were cut short a long long time ago ... still practising how 2 fly every day ... smiles ... u doin okay, friend shadow? ... Love, cat.

    1. I'm doin okay. U doin okay *hug* Hugs are always nice aren't they, no matter how we feel, hey?!