Monday, October 5, 2015


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I want you bare. Every inch of you bare before me.
I want to see your pulse racing in the vein along your neck
and I want to hear your ragged breath calling my name.
 I want to know the words to the pictures that play off in your eyes
when you open long locked doors to let me in, just a little bit.
I want to seek every adventure that you dream about, day and night,
and I want to fall into the waves with you, like you did when you were nine.
 I want your naked body, every inch alongside mine,
and I need your naked soul, so I can fall and let go of the line.


  1. ...and yet, creepy at the same time.

    I love your blog! It looks amazing.

  2. Does your husband "benefit" from when you are in this state of mind?

    1. Pick one...
      (a) ladies don't kiss an tell,
      (b) I'm a Scorpio, what do you think

    2. Oh my. She's a Scorp; that says it all. ;)

  3. You can't go wrong when you start a poem/piece like this: "I want you bare."

  4. Love that line on needing the naked soul, because the body is one thing - but without a soul its just another vessel.

  5. If you absolutely insist . . . how could I refuse a lady . . . :) x