Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Mist in my Mind

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You strike with dazzling precision, words, rough and abrasive, slice through my existence. You’re meant to strike my monsters, not me.

  Instead you feed my fears, replay my nightmares, suck the laughter from my lungs, to leave me naked and bruised on the cold, cracked floor.

  The windows are closing. Can you see the shutters drop into place *THuD!* Isolation. I have taken your voice, erased your authority and shifted into a realm of solitude and darkness, a place where you pass unnoticed and are incapable of inflicting any more harm.


  1. my God, this is just so stirring, and poignant and of course, very intense

  2. So deep.
    Wonderful, stark description. Touches the very core of my being.

  3. Oh, man; this is cool: "You’re meant to strike my monsters" ... Never let a man suck away your laughter. That is the greatest travesty of all. I love that you've left this so open, though. It could be about an ongoing relationship with an abusive parent or spouse. It could all be metaphor. This is great.

  4. I am good with passing though as long as before you shut the window you take one last breath of my words scent.