Sunday, October 4, 2015

The World in Black and White

Feed me to the night, where I see more than the brightest sunlight can ever reveal.
Senses tingle when dusk strokes its purple breath across my skin
in anticipation of the waiting night that comforts,
its velvet black soothing ragged nerves into submission.

Moonlight washes through me,
separates meaning from the meaningless,
I aM the shadows.
Unobserved, scattered,
visible, only what matters,
cracks and blemishes that mar
reduced to what they are……
......insignificant details……
......nothing of consequence……


  1. Oh my ! this is just so damn poignant! i <3 ur works!!!

  2. ah but I think those scars add so much to our story,
    our intrigue. love the intimacy with dusk. it is a magic
    time of the day, to be breathing across your skin.

  3. Wow....I know I've not been by to visit with you for such a long time, I made sure I stopped by today. And, my goodness, I was grabbed by the arm and drifting into the night hues and the distant moonlight washed over me and I WAS THERE!!