Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Reign of the Sun

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    The sun reigns supreme whereas I am longing for wet black skies and violent nights, where thunder competes with the lightning strike and the wind roars its objections, sweeping me south because I am meant to feel these vibrations on my skin, the lightning course through in my blood and rush towards eternity by your command alone.
     So give me the darkness, give me the night, I am tired of happy crowds and fluffy clouds. I cede control to the storm in the sky.


  1. Interesting to wish for the storm rather than the calm.

  2. What is better for the soul than a sky full of passion and rage?

  3. Wow....what emotions this one creates!!! Ecstasy...violent yearnings....just to name a couple.

  4. Winter Solstice just coming up shortly here in the our Northern Hemisphere ... then our days will be longer again ... bit by bit though ... and not noticeable for a while ... but by March/ April it's gonna be ... grand :) ... be right with you and your summer storms ... will you be with me in my Winter storms? Love, cat. ... o, and: Merry X mas ... smiles :)

  5. As always, I enjoy reading your poetry!

    Thanks for the visit and kind words!
    I wish you many blessings in the New Year!

  6. What a great way to mark this blessed day! Happy holidays!