Wednesday, December 2, 2015

And then it's gone

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I’m watching the rain clouds building in the far-off distance, the cool fingers of a darken sky brushing my cheeks, and I feel the thunder rumbling towards me, muttering dissent at having been denied free reign to assault the parched land for too long, but the hot breath of the sinners strikes a gale of fiery anger, and denies the storm once more.


  1. The thirst of yearning still remains then.

  2. If only we could discern who the sinners are, we could convert them to wanting to be able to bathe and be clean. Sadly the corporations are only people in America. Shadow you are as about a big sinner as a gnat has a butt. Personally I am of the mind that your sins are what eventually waters the parched ground, fiery is your temperament, and ever good strong storm needs heat from below to seduce it out.

  3. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is verry sad wen things ar gawn isnt it??? thank yoo for stopping by to see us this week it wuz a tuff wun and we all appreesheyayted heering frum owr frends!!! ok bye