Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stardust Wisdom

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Yesterday can tie me into knots of guilty choices and regrettable reflections, as can the images I project from an uncompleted screenplay, be distorted by the blinkers time holds in my sight.  So next time I’m contemplating a constant, would it not be prudent to lift my head, smell the sunset on my skin, walk into the summoning water without a thought or hesitation and drown in the squeals of delight and shock my senses imprint on me?  I've been told it’s intense in the here and now…


  1. When all the forces imaginable come together and balance out each other, what remains is the here and now. It can't be frozen, so it has a tendency towards change but by definition, it is a constant maintained in dynamic equilibrium by contradictory realities. Every time i let myself think about it, it blows my mind! :P

    This here-and-now is immeasurable, indivisible.
    He stands in the centre of His universe, encompassing it, filling it,
    Unchallenged and free, his tranquility unending.

    Crippled and alone, his torment unrelieved,
    He lies in the centre of His universe, encompassing it, filling it.
    This here-and-now is immeasurable, indivisible.

  2. Trying to get my head around it.....

  3. I am ever in the here and now, the place where the orgasm of living is more than just a distant memory of what I once was. I am different now, not as prone to pleasure but just as desiring of intensity.