Thursday, February 11, 2016

Random nights

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He was a stranger, tapping his foot to an Underground tune,
she was the one who the beat vibrated through.

When she met his eyes on this timeless summer’s night,
their paths fused through sparkling lights and strings of sugar,
past the Carousel playing its favourite song,
and they rode on the hurtling roller-coaster,
where he accepted the invitation in her eyes.

The ride never ended,
did not slow its intoxicating pace,
they let the shadows pull them from the crowds and melted into a heady unknown.

She relished his reckless darkness,
tasted his wild desire,
he gifted her with his consuming presence,
she handed her body to him to own.

With New Moon’s rise barely a breath away they rose and parted ways.

He slipped towards the fading night humming an old Underground tune,
she smiled a smile of satisfaction,
then disappeared through deserted fairground tents towards the growing dawn.