Thursday, February 4, 2016

Seamless silence

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Your breath cools my skin while your eyes heat me up with their scorching rays.
Electricity connects, your skin with mine, a churning darkness erupts unstoppable,
its a fierce, demanding reaction, an instinct.
You strike deep and flawless, you feed me your tears, bleed into my being, wash away the debris of lost time,
and we mould for a while into perfect destruction, leaving the nations down below, gasping for their breath...... we collapse into seamless silence.


  1. Oh my goodness....I think I need a cold shower!!
    This one is phenomenal. You should publish your works!!!!!

  2. whoa! what an intense and passionate poem, the words are deep, dark and alluring! u r AWESOME! <3

  3. Wow the effects of some ones closeness can be so full of charisma eh?

  4. Please tell me that next comes a triumphant roar that echoes through the eons to come.

  5. It captures longing "perfect destruction."