Thursday, February 25, 2016

nothing matters

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     It’s always been about the storm, the lightning destroying black skies,
the roar of my blood as it pumps, races, chases an acknowledged dependence,
and I let it catch me, limited as it is to your specific poison, to reach for the high of highs.

     Every hedonistic moment under your dominion is spent in subliminal bliss,
while your darkness delves deeper each time you pass through me,

     and I know time steals all away, that the fire now coursing through the night will peter out
into the ending of another badly written book, into yet another darkness,
but right now your madness is all that matters, nothing matters more than that.


  1. true, sometime only madness can provide sanity..beautifully crafted words :)

  2. How we touch each other, and how we wish we didn't need all of that.But we do. We do.

  3. There is a very thin line between madness and sanity.Excellent

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  4. Ah, and addiction has a name. Yet in all our natural wisdom, we would rather believe that addiction has to do with chemical imbalances and environmental influences. Be assured that here is some truth to that, but what really causes those chemical imbalances and environmental influences to begin with? No, there is no escaping the path we were destined to walk in this world long before this world was even created, but we can escape the eternal consequences of our own actions by simply wanting to truly be who we were all created to be.

  5. Very dramatic words and photo ~

    Happy Weekend to you ^_^

  6. The coursing through the veins and your inner being...all to end tragically, yet carrying on with the 'need'.

    Lovin' this. As always. You do, definitely, know how to paint a picture with words.

  7. that I posted my comment, I read what others have to say....I couldn't agree more. That from Ankita, expressed what it's all about.

  8. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i cudnt git past the litening i wil be under the bed if ennywun needs me!!! ok bye

  9. Everyone has gotta have some madness in them. It's what drives(?) the hedonistic ......bliss ?

  10. Very creative and visual piece Shadow....

    Piece and love

  11. that last line is amazing.
    the madness...says it all.

  12. Obsession and addiction can be just like that Shadow. You have captured it beautifully here.

  13. A very powerful piece. I love it. I used to be mad.