Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Captured Dream

picture source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/344736546453037730/

A dream that is captured, is a powerful thing,
subjected to control by images the tangible cannot compete with.
They place your feet on the floor in the morning with expectations.
A purpose for certain things to be and to happen,
because if they didn’t it would mean you are going to miss things,
we value most things only once they are gone
or have been taken away….

The people you expect to see every day,
strangers of course, but also the one’s you dread seeing,
those you seek out, what if they weren’t there?
Your place of work, your desk, your domain in a maze much larger than you,
where would you go, what would you do, every day for how-many hours, if that changed?
You expect to meet a friend for coffee, pop into a shop to get your favourite chocolate,
but your friend isn't there, the aisle of chocolates has been moved,
and you drive home, where the light is ever so slightly different,
the remote in your hand is black, smells, recognisable yet changed.
Would you blink twice? What would do you think?
Might you think you’re mad? Might you think you’re dreaming?

Which leaves me with this:
Would you still do what you did today, say what you did, walked where you did, knowing you will miss some things, or would you do it because you wouldn't...


  1. I would do things differently and travel into a different road ~ A thoughtful post and made me pause as I go about my everyday routine ~

  2. Wow! Just amazing! I've contemplated on this almost all my life. The only thing i hate about this dream is the "what if" part. This dream deserves more than just wishful thinking, no? :)
    Reading your poetry is always so inspiring! Thank you.

  3. beautiful post,i agree that we often don't value things that are close and present to us and it is a strange that same topic i am frequently thinking over now a days that why does it happen because it is not only things but it includes people close to us too and it hurts a lot when it happen to us

  4. Enjoyed this thank you for sharing

  5. I suppose it depends upon what happened in the dream. After all, one would be most foolish to follow the steps leading to disaster when a different path can be taken.

  6. ...yet sometimes one has to give up one comfort to gain another. And that ain't half bad *grin*

  7. Very apt question and moments become bygone once with move within the time frame.

  8. I know this will sound as a myth of unreality but I never rise in the night with any expectations of the day. My time is filled but with what or who or where--can't say I never had a desk or a maze only time and choices that rise when they rise if they rise--and I can't know if I missed someone by a moment, an hour, or a lifetime. It's been so long that I have had no routine that no route feels right or wrong anymore.

  9. What does it all mean or does it mean anything? This question for me is what causes my own suffering.