Thursday, January 19, 2017

it's hard

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“……and am I not destined to ever feel at peace in myself,
to believe in what I say I believe in strongly enough
to be able to disregard all the bullshit fed to me all my life,
will I ever be okay with who I am, what I do, and be at rest?”
It’s hard living the words you’ve chosen as true,
it’s hard to align the world you have created.


  1. That world is shaped by others but we are the ultimate creators.

  2. ...until age and time seep into the marrow of life, then accord is much simplified. Time, Shadow, can be friend or foe but what it can't be is divined.

  3. Are we ever suppose to be at rest? What would we write about? So much poetry we would miss especially from you. You can choose new words every minute nothing is real but this moment the rest is just entertainment for the mind.