Monday, January 16, 2017

The Genie in the Bottle

The genie I battled and caught
made himself felt after many forgotten nights,
his unlit playground, the new moon past
he electrified every nerve, clamoured with alacrity
through my sense now keen,
a tremor strong enough forces me from my feet,
I sit.
And feel the vibrations your presence effects,
gaining ground every second I allow you free reign,
listen to your whispers speeding, speeding, speeding,
the scars you left last time burn in the icy wind blowing,
there's an ache deep within me, you’ve disturbed me,
but this time, this time you didn’t regain your freedom.


  1. Sounds like a battle with an addiction. One he beat this time.

  2. this time = makes one wonder

  3. If the Djin cannot be free then it is good he disturbs you to rest and action.