Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Calling of the Moon

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The witches were howling with the moon last night,
lamenting their sorrows, accepting their plight,
calling for compassion from the gods who her heart rules,
who lend love as the light in her eyes, where her tears pool.

The truth is all that matters, it’s the clarity of heart,
the intentions of your breath onto others you impart,
in the silence of the night, feel the pain in those around you,
free their power, feel it lift you, that’s the calling of this moon.


  1. I love this and the image too! So evocative, thank you!

    Freya Rose


  2. Your second verse speaks volumes. It's the clarity of heart...

  3. Very creative. There's a sound to it's in me

  4. Any freedom found is worth the trouble of the looking Shadow.

  5. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay is that wot it wuz??? i thawt it wuz coyotes!!! i prefer the witches thanks for letting me no it wuz them!!! ok bye

  6. i knew a witch,
    a real witch,
    she stacked the bodies of her lovers like firewood,
    watching me with her eyes,
    lamented nothing but the one that got away,
    she searches for him still,
    - me