Sunday, January 22, 2017


love is the dream you dreamt when small
that smiles and grabs you in its thrall
surprising you with joy these senses new
that rings through nights a magical
impression deep you still recall
alive with love and lust it’s just you two

love is the call in the tears that fall
your heart in shreds that bleeds through all
an arrow pierces every piece of you
grinds through your mind to darkness call
a fire burns and leaves its toll
the pleasure turns to ashes right before you

love is heartless and unkind
rules by the senses and not the mind
but I need it as much as the air
for I seek the deepest burn
from the madness this I learn
there is bad and there’s good still out there.


  1. Love is all things, good and bad, and we do need it.

  2. The words of one lost in love. Well captured and expressed.

  3. Love is all things. WHich is why it's so hard to capture....
    A very evocative piece...

    And happiness to you

  4. Yep. You pretty much have the range of experience regarding Love Shadow. Fortunately as one ages it is less temperamental and the memories mellow to a more comfortable fit within the soul.