Monday, February 13, 2017

The Equation

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We are sinners, there’s no hope we’ll survive
every heartbeat inflames the need deep alive
it leads us and drives us together ever faster
without much concern to the hereon ever after

Thus we’re tied to the ground cannot touch the sky
feed our illusions without which we will die
self-destruct with a force unimagined pain and pleasure
on this edge here we stand while we’re loosening the tether

May we fall, may we wallow, may we find that what we need
May the prize be worthy treasure one so desp’rately we seek
May we feed our souls not starve it become empty and deplete
May the choices that we make leave us sated and replete


  1. Replies
    1. Lovely comment, ajc ... Love, cat.

    2. I am agreeing with Alex here, it all depends on the what one takes in and expel. We are angels and sinners depends on the day I guess...

  2. It's like there is two different poem here. Could it be our duality?

  3. Today
    It was a day
    Like I've often said
    Today was a day
    Better alive
    And not dead
    I'm here
    You're there
    A gulf it would seem
    The math says though
    There's nothing in between
    Its all the same they say
    Everything's energy
    Your energy spoke to mine today
    Wipe the tear
    Just enough to say
    It was a day
    Fucking A,
    And a day it was!

  4. ... i suspect i will follow U and Ur thoughts 4 ever... and me think, ma friend V ... if it wasn't for "farcebook" and cell phones ... the world would b a better place ... i know cuz i have neither ... Love, cat.

  5. i am no sinner,
    i am as perfect as the rose,
    - even when i am naked and bleeding.

  6. Yes....and a degree, we DO have a choice