Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Justice above Obedience

picture source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/356628864216315180/

I urge you, rid yourselves of needless things meant to keep you in check, to leave you wanting, stop the pointless amassing of etchings on dead trees, prove your worth by the dirt that is stuck to your knees, question rhymes as now are written, straight-jackets issued as they deemed fitting, dictating the pace it’s my hours they waste, and we wait in line, broken in by their ways.

The sweat on my brow is not mine to own, every dream is bent to the rules they control, they erase our tomorrow, give us no chance to start, feed us lies for our silence, to appease our bleeding heart.

Obedient followers, we do as we’re told, by the rulers, the laws, from our home and father’s old, but I’m no longer proud of the land in which I live, when all they do is take, while it’s me who’s left to give.

Many have died as they wait for change to happen,
if we all say ‘No’ who are they to say ‘Yes’,
move as one and we will change this direction.

We were born in this system, but can choose to die free.