Monday, February 27, 2017

He belongs to the world

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He belongs to the trees standing tall in the breeze
singing a melody while they gently sway,
he belongs to the roots with open arms who embrace
the ground with their wisdom passed through the ages,
he belongs to air chasing clouds in the blue, blue sky
to feed your soul as you breathe in life,
and he belongs to the moon and stars scatt’ring dreams
bright with love and promise so you peacefully can sleep.

He belongs to the world, he was never mind to keep,
he belongs to all that’s open, past the boundaries and restrictions,
to possibilities bounding out before us,
to a dawn greeted with smiling anticipation
and the nightfall heralds a moonlit dance
across the soft cooling sea sand,
your freedom soothes the softly falling rain in the valley,
leaves a shimmer on the ground...