Friday, August 18, 2017

Song from the Silence

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What will it take to remove you from my mind,
take it all away, these memories I find,
drifting through the sunshine and through the darkness too,
you keep coming back to me, there’s nothing I can do,
but love you, love you every day,
love you all the time, love you every way,
take me, take me where you can,
take me to the edge, take me, you’re my man.


  1. the two kinds of memories, the ones that surface occasionally and may remind you of great times, or even bittersweet times, but don't hurt for long. And those that surface every moment of every day and make you regret.

  2. oh I like this. reminds me of a folk song. :)

  3. Creative bw photography and wonderful contemplative words ~ ^_^

  4. I have never heard of sceletium before... I read about it, i am fascinated by it, but unfortunately it is not known here in Greece...
    I want to thank you for your sweet words...
    As for memories they have a way to awaken in our soul things we thought have conquered, enemies we thought have beaten, our true self...

  5. The treasured beats of a heart. (thank you for thus gift)