Friday, August 4, 2017

The Promise

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To the storm clouds rolling in,
to the thunder trembling through her,
to the threatening strike
and the wind tearing at her clothes
she said: “I’ve been expecting you,
even hunted for you, leaving a trail
of my scent for you to find,
seeking your closeness, your knowledge,
I will devour every exposed and hidden part of you,
my soul clamouring to receive what you are,
what you’re offering, I will take, I will take you, I want your all.”


  1. Very intimate and filled with depth, consuming the void left by passion. An enjoyable read indeed. Greetings!

  2. These are the truths of one hopelessly lost (in love...)

  3. storms on my own mind of late. Here's a little slice of something I finished a few days ago:

    Thunder stomps distance.
    The sky whirls a skirt
    of rain.

    Storm leaps lightning.
    Hot air flees on a wet,
    cool wind.

    First raindrops spatter.
    Still two shadows cling,
    no space between.

  4. Remembering Love, friend Shadow ... Always, cat.

  5. ah, to be in love!
    love your photo as well.
    wishing you a happy weekend. thank you for visiting my little blog today!