Monday, November 20, 2017

A day as today

picture my own

I wish for everyone a day as today, as was yesterday, as I hope for tomorrow,
a day where time loses its importance and you’re in tune with the rhythm of your soul,
this is freedom, ultimate peace, a schedule greatly your own,
in a clear space, secluded, by villagers presumed to be a transient stranger,
I’m an unknown, invisible, I’m at ease.  Here every day gifts me
with visions stealing my breath, awakens memories and feelings
bringing me to a halt, and I just drink it all in, breathe it in, smile,
be it days of pastel sunrises and golden sunsets,
or days shrouded in a cocoon of silver-grey clouds
in a mist as light as a kiss, each feeding, cleansing, clearing, rebuilding,
to the constantly changing, ever-present motion cast by the waves.
If not here, I will never find my direction, my path, realise my strengths,
reach the frequency written for me on the day I was born,
a recipe from my forefathers, to live as me, to truly be free,
in trust, in truth, in love,



  1. Transports the reader to a peaceful place. I like this alot

  2. Here is good. A nice meditation, thanks.

  3. ... and blessings to you, friend Shadow ... Winter here and summer there ... that what makes the world go round, hmmm? ... Purrr ... Love always, cat.

  4. Take me with you. How beautiful If only we could experience this every day.