Sunday, November 26, 2017

Foggy images of the mind

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clouds flooding in from the southern divide,
a curtain of longing, of losses in time,
shreds of images stirring through grey waters
driven by a steady wind, shivers run across your skin,
and slowly the rain starts to fall, soft as a veil
drenching your soul with sorrow
as memories dance through you once more


  1. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot is this abowt is this abowt rain??? i do not like rain i think i wil go hide under the covers until it is gawn!!! ok bye

  2. Rain always does seem to trigger a lot of memories for me. Most of them do have a melancholy edge

  3. Just what I have these days, foggy images of the mind . . . lol

    I was a Santa at a local school and you might be interested to see what Eddie Santa was up to . . . lol