Thursday, December 28, 2017

The world in your mind

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When the hell in your head is too much to bear,
there is the world in your mind into which you can escape,
here you can create a space of your own, where you are in control,
where you are accepted, where you can find your breath.
In this world you can colour things your shade of darkness,
fill the shadows with monsters of your own design
and write the route to their demise,
you can choose to fill this world with people of your choice,
give them scripts from your fingers flying across the keyboard,
you can shut out the unbearable pain that has no origin and no name,
and the passage of time brings no desperation and hopelessness,
you can live your way, on your terms, and dissatisfaction is simply edited out,
in this world you can find the peace you’re not destined to find in your waking life,
but be careful, you may be tempted to get lost in there…


  1. Very nice. Hoping the next year is an interesting space for you, with surprises.

  2. Once again a sort of synchronicity.

    I have so much to say about losing oneself in the isolation of mind and where it leads. Ahh but that is my chosen journey I am no dreamer nor lost but I refuse the evil implants easily enough.

    If I were more clever with words i would say flying blind is best. My head be hard enough to break through any window.

    Be Well woman and the year ahead...well it should be interesting none the less.


  3. When you are you going to do a collection of your beautiful poetry?
    Happy holidays to you, Shadow!