Friday, January 5, 2018

55 The Universe in your Eyes

picture my own


He had nothing to give but himself, and it was enough,
the infectious joy in a pursuit of feeling it all.
I’d gaze into his eyes, drink in the freedom he offered,
taking the love he poured through me
and I’m dazed by his spirit now living in me,
how can I let him go?

This is 55 word piece offering, in remembering an old friend, Galen Hayes, now hosted by Joy at Verse Escape so if you want to participate, head on over there.


  1. In some cases my beloved friend you let go by embracing tighter.

  2. So simple and direct, it touches the very bones of grief, of what gifts it brings as well as curses. I won't bore you at length about how I relate to this, but I do, and it comforts me. Thanks for playing, for remembering Galen with me, and please have the most kickass weekend you can manage.

  3. The tenderness in this piece leaves me smiling and nodding. How good (and wonderful to experience) the world would be, if we always knew the value the heart of another, especially when such heart finds a home in our own chest.

  4. I see this one again as a spiritual journey and the greatest beloved of all can be none other than "GOD". GOD loves us unconditionally.

  5. Very cool, Shadow.
    Wish you couldve
    showed a lil moe
    of your visage -
    that way I could
    comment on how
    gorgeous you are.

    Thats if you're a young woman...