Saturday, January 13, 2018


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Time is but a fleeting image of our perceptions
dancing before our eyes and over our skin,
feeding our emotions and senses.
It is the giver of light and darkness
imparting the reality of our imaginings and erudition,
soothing one moment, drawing blood the next.
Time marks our skin with regrets and realisations,
the physical manifestation of the roads we've chosen, the breaths we have taken,
the beings we’ve touched, shared our soul and body with,
time keeps on giving, until one moment, then it’s gone...


  1. when I turned 10 I lost my faith ... when I turned 20 I found new faith ... when I turned 30 I lost my faith again ... when I turned 40 I found faith in myself ... when I turned 50 I found that nobody can be trusted ... when I turned 60 I began to understand that nothing is for certain but only change is for certain ... Love you, Shadow ... Always, cat.

  2. For a phenomenon that hardly exists in a physical sense, time is a harsh mistress.

  3. time in now, that is all we really have
    the concept of time is a master of deception
    or perhaps as you say a fleeting image of our perceptions

    Sometimes, I feel I've lost so much time...waiting for
    something that never arrives.