Friday, January 26, 2018


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What is the point of one if there are ten to be had,
what’s the point of a gentle slide if I can blast into oblivion,
escape into a welcome void of isolation,
away from the waves of hopeless wo(a)ndering
slamming me with a force designed to eradicate my sanity,
destroy my dreams and taint the sunrise red with my blood,
words, what are words but a series of sounds
stringed together to form the noose you tie around your neck.


  1. ... me think me know those hands, friend Shadow ... sans the wedding ring ... anyway ... Love always, cat.

  2. Wow, very strong here. I particularly love those last two lines.

  3. are some words for you to read & enjoy 'cause they come from my heart...your thoughts on this subject are so life-like true! Words can harm the soul, the ego, or SOOTHE in so many ways.

    Loved this today. Of course, you always paint a picture with your talent in forming words of wisdom for us to contemplate!

  4. Wow, Shadow! Every piece you write is powerful!