Friday, April 20, 2018

Magic's delight

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Darkness softly settles over the forest green,
sending you visions of that which you dream,
follow the sound of the tambourines' song,
it’s you they are calling, been calling for so long.

Dance over the mossy paths so soft and green,
hold my hand as you do when you dream,
around the bonfire brightly blazing with song,
here, yes it's here, where you belong.

Light is the spirit alive in your heart,
gone is the pain and sorrow’s cold dart,
this night’s for believers of magic’s delight,
fly with the wings you’ve been given this night.


  1. Fir holding up the moon, as they sometimes do.

  2. Was surprised a half crescent moon shining into ma window last night ... pleasantly surprised actually ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  3. this is one of the most beautiful poems I read lately! u have weaved magic with words!!

  4. Shadow this is dreamy and beautiful and it speaks directly to me this morning after soaring the dreamscape last night.

  5. The world is beautiful because we have such beautiful words.

  6. Your words create a longing of sorts in me for the days of walking and waking in forests both alone and with a companion. Places where one knew it was OK to remove the boots and just walk in glans and glades that have seen so little. I miss the lovemaking naked in the warm shade.

  7. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay that mostly sownds like a fun nite to me altho i am not shoor abowt the wings they mite git in the way wen i am trying to curl up nekst to mama!!! ok bye

  8. Oh that is so beautiful! I felt the hand leading me around. I'm smiling brightly. It reminds me of place's in time I have maybe known in spirit. I am right there. Thank you for taking me there. A nice way to dream and fall a sleep.